Who Is Francesco Conte

My stage name is Francesco Conte. I’m a singer, pianist, and TV host.

I have many years of experience, starting very young to play and sing with small local bands; I subsequently worked with professional music groups all over Italy, doing it as a job.

I have always continued to operate in the music world, even if at the same time as other activities (finance manager at a bank).

About 20 years ago I created a television broadcast of music and entertainment, “live” called “Revival Parade”, which I have always conducted personally.

Many guests, musicians, singers, comedians, dancers, and a growing success throughout Central Italy.

I often perform music and entertainment performances. I sing and play alone, and my evenings take place mainly in private locations, even very refined and luxurious, but also in public places, theaters, and listening rooms.

The music that distinguishes me is that of the period ’70 -’80 ‘-‘ 90, but my repertoire also includes Italian and international classics, as well as Latin music, and group dances (as mambo, twist, cha-cha, hully-gully, etc.).

My evenings, on request, can end in great joy with disco songs both of past and current years.

They are however available for any organizational request, and musical pieces may be necessary.

I like performing for important events and a high standing public; I am a professional musician, I carry out my activity alone, with refined equipment and instrumentation.

I am available for musical and entertainment events of all kinds throughout Central Italy, other locations to be evaluated; it distinguishes me discretion and confidentiality.

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